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I was born in 1981 in New York. I lived there until I was twenty. I studied psychology. I came to Austria for a study abroad ten years ago. I lived in Salzburg. I moved to Vienna. I’ve been there for ten years. I studied art. I became a teacher. And getting my degree in art education.


2.1 G


was born. lived was. studied.  came study . lived . I moved to .  have been . studied .  became .  getting.


2.2 G



A) be born

B) live

C) be

D) study

E) come

F) move

G) become

H) get


2.3 G



A) study + become

B) come + move

C) become + get


2.4 G



                Live →

                        study →

                                   move →

                                              become →




flash bullshit can be spewed at any time. I’m not sure how much time has passed, but it’s yet to come down to it. It’s not that much of a blast and it especially pisses me off how those two girls on the left are pointing at me and laughing. Now they’ve turned around and gone away. I had to look at them, so I took a drink. If Zbyněk and Vít were expecting me to write a twelve hour lyrical ballad, they’ve got another thing coming. They probably didn’t expect that:

Problem party


It’s a problem to park

in a bird’s cage

it’s a problem to wear down the soul

it’s a problem to emerge from a water faucet

it’s a problem to demand



No, that’s bullshit, again:


Scroll down

All the rest

Of your life

Said the guy

In the chair

And switched off

His black mac.


Poems in English are prettier. Even if it’s completely the same bullshit. My ears itch. A poem about ears isn’t gonna happen. Differently then


Tables succumb to glasses

Glasses have a void and sunshine in their


Meatballs are caloric bombs

The best blunder is always yours alone

Buy nicer ears. Get 1 nose free.

Permanent wave. I would know, I had it on

my head.

A nice ass has her, not the other way


Third time’s the charm and harm, add



We have the Václav Havel airport. This wasn’t in Havel’s time (it was named just like the prison.) We don’t have a Václav Havel prison.

I have this politically incorrect feeling...


Those who are in stitches die laughing.

Do you like trash? Welcome to civilization!

I find this girl as attractive as greyhounds

in a madhouse.


I don’t think anything bad about you, you

just induce me to:


anger, hunger, blood, a fist, a prong,

a tornado, poison and a roar.

Don’t start with me!

Ok, I won’t.

What will you have for starters? Your

mom, dude.


Here, I feel at home. Here, you can kill me.

Don’t be aggressive, you little cutie pie


or we’ll have to tear your pretty little


Ma’am, the cable’s right over there.


Poetry isn’t in a hurry. It’s a beautiful day

in this neighborhood.


Time is jerking off. He’ll be a jerk off in no


I have a brother and he’s so big, that when

he lifts a finger,

the entire nation gets plastered in shoe



ESPN – Entertainment and Stupidity Providing Network


[HALLO!!! – tut mir leid, aber ich kann mit Ihnen nicht sprechen. Und da ich Ohrstöpsel habe, kann ich leider auch nichts hören... Das ist halt das Problem. Um Mitternacht bin ich für alle Gespräche gern vorbereitet, manchmal passiert halt sowas...] Kick ass.


And they all lived happily ever after kicking ass.

Do I have the freedom to remain silent? Can I act like an animal whenever I feel like it? Yeah sure, in private. Until you get hungry. Suppose I imagine a person who’s been lifted out of context. He’s walking, suddenly trips and he’s lifted out of context. Okay.

Suppose I imagine a person who stole some bananas. A policeman catches him and says, “Sir, you stole those bananas, what are we going to do with you?” And the man says, “But sir policeman sir, you caught a person who stole these bananas. What are we going to do about it?” Or differently: There’s a man who steals the ontological crisis. A policeman catches him and says, “But sir, you stole the ontological crisis?



Ondřej Buddeus — A me


Is part of Ondřej Buddeus‘s participation in the Adaptation.


“But the need to adapt, uncoordinatedly, individualistically, without any authority, leader and order, to changes we initiate ourselves. Adaptation signifies now (asynchronously) and here (various places) an affinity with Utopia, which remains a non-place. Adaptation to conditions of reality which the collective dialectic of individuals without leader and order themselves create.“


Babi Badalov, Hafiz, Lia Perjovschi, Loulou Chérinet, Ondřej Buddeus, Ruti Sela, Shady Elnoshokaty, Vít Havránek, Xu Tan, Zbyněk Baladrán.



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Antonín Mareš


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